Engagement is a fancy-sounding word, but the way it looks isn't very complicated. It's easy to tell if an employee is engaged-they miss work less, quit organizations less, create safer workplaces, and produce higher quality work.

Overall, engaged employees are simply happier and more passionate about what they do, which translates directly into better results for the whole company.

But if engagement is so easy to spot, why don't we see more of it?

The latest figures state that at least two-thirds of the US population is not engaged in their job! This is a disturbing fact in regards to lost organizational productivity as well as the loss of personal satisfaction. We spend far too much time in our companies-a third of our life!-to hate what we do.

Strengths Doctors' engagement method will help you and your team design an energizing and engaging work environment which creates a positive upward spiral effect. Furthermore, our method provides a measurable, quantifiable benchmark to track the effectiveness of the entire program.

Ever heard the phrase "Nothing to lose and everything to gain?" We're pretty sure that applies here.

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