A Sweet Spot @ the 2012 Training Conference
by Mike Miller on February 19th, 2012
Posted in Leadership, Strengths, Engagement
Valentine's Day wasn't the only sweet spot last week. We took Strengthscope on the road to Atlanta at the 2012 Annual Training Magazine Expo where we captured the heart of more than 3,000 attendees.

Many lasting relationships begin with a great first impression. Between our social, crowd savvy, and energetic staff silhouetted by our artistically crafted, eye-candy of an exhibit, we made hundreds of incredible first impressions who are just beginning to understand what it means to love Strengthscope! With brand-building and heart warming promotional items like Strengthscope Mints and, "Release the Energy" pink-corked, champagne emblazoned t-shirts to give away, we gave a whole new look to speed dating. Not only that, we gave away Amazon.com Gift Cards, and one lucky person even won a hot new Kindle Fire just for signing up for our newsletter! Can't say I ever had many first dates like that. The meeting was a perfect match!

In all seriousness, our first industry event in the U.S. was a huge success. The interest level around Strengthscope and our suite of products was incredibly high. Our goal was to build a broader awareness of this outstanding line of products and that mission was accomplished. There were many times when all of us were busy talking smart about Strengthscope. The exhibit crew did a great job despite the long hours and fast pace. They were always at the ready waiting to engage. Having worked meetings like this many times before with different products, I can honestly say that the discussions we had were much more robust than most at a meeting like this. All of this and we had a lot of fun, too! As first dates go, I would say it was two thumbs up and ready for more!

If we met you in Atlanta we will be connecting with you sometime in the next week. If not and you want to join in the conversation and you want to find out what all of the excitement is about, give us a ring, send us an email, friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

C'mon -- join the fun and spend more time in your sweet spot at work!

Mike Miller is Director of U.S. Operations for Strengths Partnership
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