Dr. Marvin Arnsdorff is a passionate business visionary specializing in leadership, strengths and talent development, culture transformation, customer and employee engagement, and brand development.

Throughout his career, Dr. Marvin's unrelenting focus on the innate talents and strengths of people has resulted in discovery and self-mastery for thousands of individuals, impacting their lives immensely and permanently. His influence transcends industry and culture.

Dr. Marvin brings a unique approach to "Building Healthy Organizations" through his longstanding expertise in healthcare, including over twenty-three years in private practice, successful business management, and operation of 100+ clinics across North America. His ability to add value to organizations through building world-class teams with a defined "purpose" has been recognized nationally. He has a proven track record of maximizing organizations by developing leaders and increasing employee and customer engagement.

Dr. Marvin's focus on excellence and service has led to the creation and delivery of the economic measure of mediocre services or products known as Mediocrenomics™. This topic will be featured in his new book, Rise Above Mediocrity, due to be released in 2011.

An accomplished storyteller and "Treasure Hunter of Talent," Dr. Marvin is a sought-after speaker and an engineer of positive change.

His expertise in the areas of leadership, strengths, and engagement and his distinguished service in healthcare and business is complimented with an MBA in Executive Leadership from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (in partnership with The Gallup Organization/Gallup University).

Marvin resides in the Charleston, South Carolina, area with his wife and daughter. He is currently available for consulting and speaking engagements.

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Josh Allan Dykstra is a work revolutionary, author, and speaker. He is a co-founder of Strengths Doctors, a consulting firm which helps leaders design energizing company culture.

He has an eclectic work background in a variety of industries, varying from Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Sony, Genentech, HTC, Starbucks, and Viacom/CBS to startups, nonprofits, and government agencies. He has an MBA in Executive Leadership from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Leadership.

Josh has been leading teams and working with talented individuals for over ten years, with a proven track record of increasing employee engagement and maximizing organizations. He has individually helped develop hundreds of high-potential leaders, helping them to discover and leverage their natural talents and strengths. He is also a classically-trained pianist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and performer. His particular passions include social trends, cultural movements, technology, and helping to create a more positive future for everyone.

His new book about the changing world of work and thriving in the emerging economy is entitled Igniting the Invisible Tribe: Designing An Organization That Doesn’t Suck and is available now at

Josh lives with his wife in Los Angeles, California, and is currently available for consulting and speaking engagements.

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Greg Smith is a leadership specialist with a passion for entrepreneurship and building great companies.

Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, Greg is a natural entrepreneur raised in a family-owned construction company. He has vast experience leading and managing teamsters, unions, and a staffs of over 150 individuals. Currently, Greg serves as the Chairman of Compco Industries (steel fabrication), the President of Ray Simon, Inc. (art and photorealism) and the President of 1080 Media (print/video/web design).

Greg brings his vast expertise of leadership and leadership theory to Strengths Doctors, including a certification from Tony Robbins in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and a certification from Ken Blanchard in Situational Leadership®II. He is also an Associate Leadership Trainer for Equip and also a certified trainer for John C. Maxwell Training. He has been a student of best leadership practices for nearly three decades.

Greg has an MBA in Executive Leadership from University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Bachelor's degree in Business and Marketing from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

His hobbies and community involvement include being a Trustee for the Bruce Lee Foundation. He is a certified instructor under the late Sifu Ted Wong, and a Second Degree Black Belt in Kempo Martial Arts under Master David Buker.

Greg resides in Poland, Ohio, with his wife and four children. He's currently available for large or small group presentations and/or workshops pertaining to leadership and team building.

Contact him directly at


Speaker & Consultant

Kimberly Russo is Chief Operating Officer of The George Washington University Hospital, a multidisciplinary, tertiary care facility serving a diverse group of patients - from area residents to visiting dignitaries and heads of state. Kim has over 15 years of both clinical and operational experience and is responsible for strategic initiatives, business growth and development, employee/patient satisfaction, and construction projects as well as overseeing the daily operations of the facility. Self-motivated and with the ability to wed her intrinsic desire to provide the highest quality care to the community with her leadership skills to motivate employees and peers to strive for excellence has impacted the facility's overall growth and satisfaction in the market. In addition to her efforts at work, Kim also demonstrates these skills in the greater community and serves on the Washington Junior League's Literacy Advisory Board and is deeply involved in the Food and Friends Organization.

Ms. Russo earned a Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Rush University and a Master in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She was most recently recognized as an "Up and Comer Under 40" by Modern Healthcare and Becker's Hospital Review. She was also named by the Washington Business Journal as an honoree of "Women Who Mean Business" in 2010.

Contact her directly at

Strengths Doctors: what in the world does that mean? If you're curious, you've come to the right page.

The "strengths" in our name refers to our philosophy of business. It's not about an assessment, drinking a protein shake, or going to the gym -- it's about the way we choose to work and live.

We are unapologetic about approaching everything we do from a decidedly "positive" place, because research shows this is how healthy organizations are built. We find this perspective also differentiates us from many other leadership and organizational development consultants.

In a sea of (what we think is) rather bland work and endless jargon, we promise to always be a voice of simplicity and sanity.

The "doctors" in our name refers to our adoption of the mentality of physicians who practice preventive healthcare focused on holistic well-being. It is our goal to bring this same spirit of prevention, wellness, vibrant life, and organic solutions to leadership and organizations.

Hopefully we can help make work a bit more fun, too.

If that satisfies your appetite on who we are, great! If not, we are happy to tell you more; feel free to visit our Consulting page or send us a message and say hello.

Your uniqueness is your greatest strength, not how well you emulate others.  Several days ago
Relentlessly chase perfection, knowing nothing is perfect, because in the process we are going to catch excellence.  Several days ago
The vast majority of organizations today have more than enough expertise to be successful. What they lack is organizational health.  Several days ago
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